Course Rates


Memberships (2024)

Family Membership  (1st Year)$590
Single Membership  (1st Year)$484
Family Membership$756
Single Membership$591
Student Membership  (Elementary)$75
Student Membership  (High School)$122
Student Membership  (College)$144
Social Membership$22
Driving Range Membership  (Family)$0
Driving Range Membership  (Single)$0
Handicap (MGA)$40
Stock – Olivia Golf Club  (Playing)$10
Stock – Golf of Olivia  (Land Corp.)$100
Golf Cart Permit$134
Cart Storage – Barn$192
Cart Storage – Semi-Private$257
Cart Storage – Private$309
Cart Storage – Winter$75 / $125

New members may purchase $100 Golf of Olivia shares at $20 per year for five years and upon full $100 payment (plus $7.88 sales tax), receive one share of stock. Stock ownership gives each owner full voting rights at each Annual Meeting. Membership expires as of January 1st of the following year.